v0.1.2b Release!

Maintenance release, also a few new tricks added in. Some of the changes include:

  • new fliptricks: hardflip, inward heelflip, regular and switch, normal ollie and nollie.
  • landing in manuals after 180 fix
  • texture mods: you can now change deck, shoe, shirt etc textures by editing their png files
  • major gameplay recorder optimizations
  • misc optimizations / cleanup of old animation system
  • grind exit physics adjustments
  • basic set of keyboard controls for player
  • new camera options: change focal length, follow distance, camera height
  • game now uses desktop resolution, changing from fullscreen to windowed should work correctly
  • manuals override grind detection fix
  • shop level added
  • modular wood quarter pips and roads assets added
  • added ability to focus deck
  • wiki page started: wiki

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